Millthorpe School rated ‘Good’ in all areas by Ofsted

Staff and students at Millthorpe School are celebrating the results of a recent Ofsted inspection which recognises the school as ‘Good’ across all areas.

Following a two-day inspection in March, Millthorpe School, which is part of South Bank Multi Academy Trust, has been praised by inspectors for being an “inclusive community” where “pupils value difference and diversity.” The report also recognises “The school has designed an ambitious curriculum that is taught well by teachers with secure subject knowledge.” The school’s approach to the personal development of its students is also praised, with inspectors noting that Millthorpe students are “well prepared for life in modern Britain.” Inspectors also noted that Millthorpe has “prioritised improving the provision for pupils with SEND” which has “led to improvements in school systems, staff training and the ways in which pupils are supported in lessons.”

The report goes on to say that “Leaders, including those from the multi academy trust, have an ambitious vision for Millthorpe School. Their actions have improved the school. This is recognised by most parents, staff and pupils.” Inspectors also recognised that “Staff are proud to work at the school” and that governors and trustees “are well informed and have an accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement.”

Gemma Greenhalgh, Headteacher at Millthorpe School said “I am delighted that Ofsted has judged Millthorpe to be ‘Good’ across all areas. Not only has our ambitious curriculum, reading culture, inclusive ethos and quality personal development programme been recognised, but the inspectors also recognised the work that we have done on significantly restructuring and improving our SEND provision over the past two years. The school SEND team, supported by colleagues from the Trust’s central team, have worked incredibly hard to improve the support for many pupils with SEND.

“We agree with inspectors that prior to this improvement work and reshaping our SEND provision, some pupils may not have received support quickly enough. However, as a result of our work, this is no longer the case, and pupils now receive timely support which effectively meets their needs. Our SEND provision is now the best that it’s ever been and was also recognised in our recent Inclusion Quality Mark Award where we were identified as a Centre of Excellence for inclusion.”

CEO of South Bank Multi Academy Trust, Mark Hassack, said “We feel that inspectors got to know the school incredibly well over the two-day inspection and we are pleased that this is reflected in the report. It is heart-warming to receive such positive feedback from Ofsted.

“Together, we have made a number of changes at Millthorpe in recent years and we are pleased that inspectors could see that these changes have been for the better. Of course, like any school, we are always striving to be better. We’re pleased that the areas for improvement identified by Ofsted align with what the school is already working on, with the support of the Trust’s central team.”

In a letter to parents, the school asked for their continued support to help make further progress with attendance, SEND provision and engagement with the small number of parents who feel disconnected from the school.

Inspectors noted that Millthorpe’s “tenacious approach to tackling poor attendance” is working and has resulted in an “improvement in overall attendance”.

Ms Greenhalgh added “We are really pleased that there have been significant improvements in attendance, despite the local and national decline post-Covid, but we agree that we still have work to do to continue to improve attendance with more robust approaches.

“With regard to parental engagement, we know that the vast majority of our parents are happy with the way we engage with their views but agree with inspectors that there is a small number of parents who remain disconnected from the improvements that we have made to the school. We will continue to do all we can to provide opportunities for parents to engage with the school.”

Millthorpe School’s full Ofsted report can be found here:

22 April 2024

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