On 1st October 2017 we were delighted to welcome Woodthorpe Primary School into the South Bank Academy Trust. Although Headteacher James McGann has been working closely with the Headteacher Group within the Trust for the past 12 months, the school’s official conversion has finally taken place this month. Woodthorpe has been on a successful improvement journey over the past two years and will bring many strengths into the MAT. A special ‘meet and greet’ event has been organized for mid-October, where Trust Principal Anna Cornhill will officially welcome Woodthorpe staff over tea and cake. Teachers will be able to take part in the Learning Networks straight away, which start later this month, focusing on key areas such as EYFS, Y2, Y6, SEN and Senior Leadership. Woodthorpe Deputy Head Ash Atherton will be taking the lead for the Y2 Network and we look forward to hearing how these new Networks impact on teaching and learning.