Board of Trustees

Reuben Barrett
Martin Frost
Nicki Mitchell Vice Chair
Andrea Preston
Helen Priestley
Edwin Thomas Chair
Jill Hodges
Pat Boyle

The Board of Trustees directs the strategic work of the Academy Trust and ensures it is providing an excellent quality of education while managing the public money at its disposal well. It meets six times per year, or more regularly at times of rapid development. It delegates some of its work to the Education and Standards Committee and to the Finance and Audit Committee.

The Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. As such Trustees/Directors must fulfil the duties and responsibilities of charitable trustees and company directors. The Trust draws on the expertise of the Headteacher Group, comprised of all the headteachers within the Academy Trust. The Trust is also supported by the Accounting Officer and the Chief Financial Officer.

Education and Standards Committee

Jill Hodges Chair
Andrea Preston
Edwin Thomas

The Education and Standards Committee monitors the work of the academies in the Trust and supports the work of the Local Governing Bodies in holding their academies to account and encouraging improvement.

Finance and Audit Committee

Reuben Barrett Chair
Martin Frost
Helen Priestley
Edwin Thomas

The Finance and Audit Committee monitors how the Trust spends the public money it is allocated by the nation.  It makes sure that:

  • spending has been for the purpose intended and there is probity in the use of public funds;
  • spending decisions represent value for money, and are justified as such;
  • internal delegation levels exist and are applied within the trust;
  • a competitive tendering policy is in place and applied, and appropriate thresholds are observed;
  • relevant professional advice is obtained where appropriate, including that of the external auditor where necessary.